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Deadliest Warrior
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Deadliest Warrior
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#paisley#vintage#goldmine#dress (Taken with Instagram)
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#antlers#leather#deer#goldmine (Taken with Instagram at goldmine)
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N E W S :
Here’s whats been going over here at the shop.  Chico got into some of the scented oils and stank to high heaven for a few days.  Lesli has been collecting more Tillandsia’s to pass along (somewhat reluctantly as she falls in love with every one).  Erica continues to stock the jewelry shelves and has new antlers on blackened chain and chic geometric earrings.  We are stocking up on gauzy india skirts, caftans, and little dresses and shorts for your SXSW trip!

S A L E S :
Gals get 10% off sweaters and jackets.
Guys with a significant beard or mustache get 10% off. 
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Goldmine’s new snakebone talismans.
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Birthday flowers. Thanks jenessa!
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 snake rattles